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Custom Music, Sound Design, Voice Acting, and Implementation by Ryan McQuinn

Now mixing in 5.1 surround sound

I’ve finished the soundtrack to Interstellar Space: Genesis! It was great to be a part of a soundtrack with Legendary Video Game Composer, Grant Kirkhope. Big thanks to Susan McQuinn, Daniel Cortes, and The New Life Choir for their beautiful and inspired performances on this soundtrack. You can hear The New Life Choir in my track, Promise To Return, at the top of this page. Please follow Interstellar Space: Genesis on Twitter for the highly anticipated 2nd quarter release on Steam. After the game’s release, you can hear my work here. Enjoy the following battle track, In My Sights, featuring Daniel Cortes playing viola :)

Thanks very much to Orlando Contemporary Chamber Orchestra for inviting me to participate in their Chrono Trigger Concert! My ten minute piece, Interstellar Space Chamber Suite, was inspired by Interstellar Space: Genesis, my current video game project. Some of the music here will be re-orchestrated for the game and some will not. See the entire concert here!

It was a great time as usual working with Cap from Consequence of Sound on some audio assets for their new podcast network!

How exciting to be a part of the Liberty podcast family! Many thanks to Travis Vengroff for the opportunity.

Thank you to Alterity Chamber Orchestra for performing my piece 'Foreword'. What a treat to see this performed live! *Heart Emoji*


Thanks very much to The Global Music Awards for awarding the silver medal to the Lotia OST!

8/13/17 Thank you to the Orlando Contemporary Chamber Orchestra and the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center for an AWESOME concert. Having the Lotia soundtrack performed in such a spectacular fashion was amazing!

This piece, Dream State, is the first piece I wrote for the Lotia soundtrack. It won silver as a stand alone piece in both the Global Music Awards and the Prestige Music Awards in 2015.

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